Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Peyups. Wee.

I realized just NOW that the article I submitted eons ago in Peyups was approved. Eons ago na talaga. June pa. =p Ngayon na lang kasi ako ulit nakavisit dun. Haha. I feel so proud. Plus it generated about 27 comments pa. Wah. Saya talaga. =p

Click here to read my article. And make a comment, if possible. Tenki. =p

Four Days to Go

I was in front of the computer one time while my dad was watching Sis. Maureen Larrazabal was on the show, and I overheard her saying (as a message to her special someone): "Favor naman. Pwede wag mo kong saktan?"

Kailangan pa ba yun? Kung mahal ka naman kasi ng tao, you need not ask him a favor as such. Diba?

Postscriptum: Gumana na sana MMS mo.

Five Days To Go

[Kahapon pa to dapat.]

I am enthralled to see how people would dress up on my debut. Actually, parang mas na-eexcite ako makita yung mga grown-ups (Naks naman. Ang ganda ng euphemism na ginamit ko. =p). Yung mga ka-age bracket ko kasi, given nang alam nila pumorma ng glam rock and roll. Eh yung mga grown-ups, ewan ko lang. Exciting talaga. Mmmm. =p

Tumaas na pala platelet count ni dear brother. Salamat sa mga nagdasal for him. =p

Kaninang madaling araw, may nalaman akong sad na balita about and from my bestfriend. Tipong "Oh? Weh? Talaga? 'Di nga?" yung na-elicit sa'kin na reaction nung kinwento niya yung events. Naapektuhan ako, seryoso. Paggising ko nung umaga, ni-wish ko na sana panaginip lang yung lahat ng nag-transpire nung dawn. Na sana hindi totoo. Na phony lang. Pero hindi eh. Hai. =c Parang nung gabi lang, sobrang saya ko at ever-present ang smile sa labi ko. Sabay poof. Nung madaling araq ay biglang ganun.

Postscriptum: Ang hirap kapag yung taong mahal mo ay nasa harap mo na pero hindi mo man lang mayakap.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Six Days to Go

*My brother has an intermittent fever. It started last Friday when he came home from his field trip. His highest temp was 39.9 degrees Celsius. Yesternight, we rushed him to the hospital and had him seen by a doctor. They did a platelet count, CBC (complete blood count) and routine urinalysis. After waiting for two hours, the lab results demonstrated that what he has is a plain fever. His platelet count that time was 208 x 10^9 /L (low but still in the normal range of 150-300 x 10^9 /L). He was prescribed no more that paracetamol, which he was actually taking already since his fever started. Earlier today, Mommy brought him again to the hospital for his condition to be followed up. With the second blood test, it was shown that he now has a lower platelet count of 186 x 10^9 /L. Aww. Let's pray that he has no dengue after all, and that he recovers as soon as possible. We have to monitor him 24/7.

*I already posted the pix I took during the ADPCN National Convention. Just scroll down and look for the post 'Toxic-Toxican'. =p

*Already finished the lineup of songs for my 18 Roses. Wait. Haven't really. Daddy is not a fan of I Need You by Leanne Rimes so I gotta look for another song that his generation knows well (peace, Daddy!). =p I ended up with Now and Forever by Richard Marx.

*I just realized Bagsakan by Parokya is fun. Daddy requested me to download it. Hm. Dad's choice of songs sure makes me befuddled. =p

*Jantoi and his gang already uploaded their award-winning Parasitology 10 case presentation. Check it out!

*I'm thinking of designing blogskins. Hm. =p

*My head is aching now. Damn. =c

*I feel so restless, but I do not want to do the things I am SUPPOSED to do. Hai.

Postscriptum: I am missing you beyond human measure.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Layout

Haha. I've got a new layout.
And I love it. =p

Thursday, October 19, 2006


It's been quite a while huh.

*I was exempted from taking the finals in all my subjects. Happy happy. God is so good.

*I was chosen as one of the delegates in the previously held 5th National Conference of Nursing Students held at Manila Hotel. The event was sponsored by the Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing (ADPCN). The theme was "Pinoy Nurse Education.... Impact on Global Marketability..." My P2,000.00 registration fee was paid for by my very beloved college, UPCN. Aww. Thanks, UPCN. =*

Ate Aila (dear buddy!), Ate Kat, Ate Pebbles, Ate Emy, Ate Ja, Ate Har and Ate Pam were with me. The conference officially started one hour late at around 8:30am with a Thanksgiving Mass. The celebrant was so vibrant, and I was not bored with his homily at all. How I wish all our parish priests are like that.

Then came the speakers. The keynote speaker, Rev. Fr. Rolando dela Rosa, OP (sabi ni Ate Aila, di raw dapat i-omit yung OP ever), surely had the ears and eyes of the crowd. His speech was mainly about nurses as professionals. He showed us who the unprofessional nurses are using photoshopped images to depict his ideas better:

- the Nurse of Tomorrow (the nurse who's always in a hurry, but always late)

- the Enterprising Nurse (the nurse who only wants to earn)
- the ABH Nurse aka the Anywhere-But-Here Nurse (the nurse who's always dissatisfied)
- the Cheerful Robot (the nurse who's so used to routines)
- the workaholic (self-explanatory)
- the newsmonger (the gossip)
- the hoarder (self-explanatory again)
- the addict (you know what this means, don't you?)

The next speaker, Dean Borromeo, explained to us points on how to increase the Pinoy Nurses' marketability.

Mr. Allan Morrel gave education and career opportunities for Pinoy Nurses in Australia. Naisip ko lang na sana wala nang ganito. Ang dating kasi parang nag-aadvertise pa ng pag-alis ng nurses sa Pilipinas. Ang onti na nga lang ng mga natitira rito weh.

Dr. Nemuel Fajutagana's speech was mainly about testwiseness.

During the "Heart to Heart" Forum with Dean Carmelita Divinagracia, the ADPCN President, many questions/sharings were raised by the students. Mabuti sana kung may sense lahat. Good luck nman. Magbibigay ako ng mga blind item, EXCLUSIBO (The Buzz?)!

- Student1: Sana po, next time ay sabihin po sa letter sa school namin na ang outfit ay kailangang semi-formal kasi po galing pa po kaming (insert name of a faraway land here) tapos wala po kaming dalang mga ganong damit. Dito pa po tuloy kami sa Maynila bumili ng mga murang ganito (turo sa dark red na polo).
Comment q: Duh naman. National conference yung pupuntahan mo, hijo. Tsaka diba, sa Manila Hotel yung venue. Baka kasi iniisip mo na glam rock and roll and kailangan mong outfit.

- Student2: Uhmm. Maaaam. (after 110 eons) I really don't know what to talk about because of the many nursing issues nowadays.
Comment q: Bakit ka pa pala tumayo at pumunta sa harap no?

- Student3: You see, many Filipino nurses undergo culture shock when they reach the USA. Is it possible for ADPCN to make a program with which Pinoys could avoid such shock and be prepared better for their being employed abroad?
Comment q: What. A. Damn. Suggestion.

- Student4: Ano po ba dapat mas pagtuunan ng pansin? Yung knowledge base o yung practicals?Comment q: Siguro ikaw.

Ang sakit sa brain (in the figurative sense, of course).

Nga pala, ang weirdo kasi ang nakalagay sa menu sa table namin, we'll have pork tenderloin for lunch. Sabay fish fillet ang ni-serve. Anu kaya yun?

On the brighter side, anyway, nanalo pala q ng PPDr nung conference sa bunutan. Haha. PPDr is Philippine Pharmaceutical Directory. Yey. =p Here are some of the pictures I took.

Baked Alaska - the same dessert we had during our Grad Ball in Manila Hotel

My dear buddy

Wacky dear buddy

My brand new PPDr

*I met Eljohn yesterday to give him my debut invitation. Nothing has changed with him, really. He was still as tactless and as talkative as he had always been. Okei lang. Mas qt naman siya nowadays. Hehe. =p He was so kind enough to bring me a plastic cup + lid + ice + straw upon my request. Ginamit ko yung mga yun para mainom ko naman nang matino yung nabili koing buko sa L. Guinto cor. Pedro Gil bago pumasok. Salamat, Eljohn. =* Syempre, nagkwento siya ng Masci stuff kaya tawa lang kami nang tawa dun sa CN Batcave. Hehe. =p

Yun lang muna. Sana maupdate ko to nang mas maaga next time. Naman. =p

Postscriptum: "Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there" (Drive by Incubus).. We can get through this..